ski shop sunglassesEYEWARE

We have a great selection of goggles (Uvex and Scott) and sunglasses (Chili’s and Pepper’s), including ‘polarized’ and ‘over the glasses’ styles. Fogg Off helps keep your goggles and sunglasses fog free for clear vision while on the slopes.
ski gloves


Keep your hands warm with a wide selection of ski and snowboard gloves, including Dakine, Nordica, Hotfingers, and Scott.

ski scarfsHEAD & FOOT GEAR

Whether you are a skier or a boader, be smart and wear protective helmets. Choose from K2 or Uvex. We also have hats from Mental, Chaos, and Turtle Fur to keep your head warm. For those really cold days we have Seirus face masks. For your toesies, checkout our Nordica ski boots, K2 and Head snowboard boots, K2 bindings or Neversummer Demo Snowboards.


Top to bottom we have you covered with Medalist silk and high-tech synthetics, including glove and sock liners, to keep your entire body warm. Also available are Dakine and Seirus ski and snowboard socks.


We bring you Aloe Up sunscreen products for your lips and face. Compact sizes are available so that you can take them with you to the slopes.


Step inside to find a large selection of Angel Fire t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and caps. Also available are coffee mugs, shot glasses, picture frames, sterling silver jewelry, etc.

 ski shop accessories
angel fire t-shirts


Our jewelry counter attracts many an eye with a great selection of southwest rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and belt buckles made of a variety of materials, including silver, leather, and wide range of gem stones. Some of it is even made by SkiTech’s owner, Mary.

ski tech necklaceangel fire earrings

ski tech rings
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